shadow work

organdy, embroidery thread

洗面台にある真新しい石けんやクッションカバーに施された刺繍、花瓶にいけられた花。 それら、家という場所に当たり前のように配置されているものも、誰かのーその多くが主婦による、労働の痕跡です。

A new bar of soap on a washstand, embroidery on cushions, and flowers in a vase.
Such common objects that are placed around our house are also marks of others’ labor, and, in most cases, the laborers are housewives.
Housewifery came into being and soon was recommended as a modern way of life for women. However, at the same time, housewives’ domestic work, being unpaid, started being given less importance socially and economically.
This is a sight-specific installation in a residence built in the 1930s in a Japanese–Western hybrid style.
What kind of reflection does politics have on each house? And how can we understand these reflections?

​© 2009 Yui Usui