photo: Futoshi Miyagi

empty names

ミクストメディア   mixed media


“At the comfort station during the war I was given a Japanese name of the flower. It was great distress to me even after the end of the war to see any flower because it always reminded me of the painful affairs I had suffered there.”
I was shocked to realize this fact, and also I have come to find that someone else’s name I use in my everyday life can be a symbol for pain to him or her. To put it differently, it has given me a chance to think about other people’s experiences in their shoes, not just as someone else’s.
Giving someone a particular name often means imposing on him/her some particular ethno-centric point of view or an ideal image of woman, as we see it in the episode above. I think such a view still remains in our society today.
For this work I appropriate the name of perfume “MITSOUKO”, because I mean to express in it the possibility that our ideal self-images or identities can often be easily influenced and formed by other people’s views on us.
cooperation (French translation): Sonoko Hisatsuka